Teen Obesity – Who Is To Blame?

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We live in a world where everything revolves around how you look and what you own. The most affected by this snobbery are teenagers, who will do anything to please their parents, but most importantly, their friends.

Teen obesity has become one of the most encountered disease of the century and it is developing constantly. Nearly one third of the teenage population is now suffering from this disease, and being overweight is a curse for them, boy or girl, because let’s face it, nobody ever really hangs with fat people. It is a non-funded prejudice, but unfortunately it is the sad and ugly truth. Still, who to blame for the teen obesity? Some would say the parents, some would say the constant development of the world, some would say themselves. The real blame however is somewhere in the middle. Nowadays, children do not know how to play sports and they do not even care. They just spend their time indoors and play on the computer or listen to music, without exercing at all, so the obesity strikes. Sometimes they are also frustrated because their parents do not have or make time for their children and so the teenagers are feeling lonely and they take refuge in eating.

Thanks to the speed that manages the world today, healthy food has nearly disappeared. Fast-foods like McDonald’s or KFC are known for scandals they have took part in thanks to the costumers complaints about their plastic food, which is to blame for the obesity of most Americans. This is why I think that all of these things are to blame for the teen obesity. Loneliness, unhealthy food and the lack of any kind of movement are the main factors that lead to teen obesity, especially if they come together.

The solution? The only way to prevent teen obesity is for the parents to open their eyes and realize that obesity is a disease, which can have severe consequences. For those who already suffer from teen obesity, my advice is to fight the laziness, to exercise, to eat healthier and to remember that their health is more important than any popularity gained in high school. You can do it!

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